Pikto Sensoren
Lever-type level sensor

Lever-type level sensors are used in many vehicles and machines to record the current tank contents and to forward the evaluation result to the tank display. A float always moves on the surface of the liquid and, in so doing, changes the resistance value in the tank sensor.
MOTOMETER lever-type level sensors are suitable for Diesel and gasoline fuels and are available in different versions. Operation is possible with an onboard 12 Volt or 24 Volt systems. The resistance with “Tank Full” is 180 Ohm and with “Tank Empty” 3 Ohm. The version is grounded.
Compatible with MOTOMETER fuel displays:
609 060 xxxx

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Part No. Diameter hole circle Length Feature
608 001 1066 54 mm 150 – 600 mm adjustable
608 002 1001 54 mm 150 – 600 mm adjustable, ceramics plate

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