Smart CAN display

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Smart CAN Display

Discover our Smart CAN Display – the ultimate solution for monitoring vehicle and comfort functions in mobile machinery and commercial vehicles. With its innovative technology, you can effortlessly visualize and monitor real-time levels, temperature, and other crucial status information. Thanks to its standardized dimensions of 42 x 22 mm, comparable to a classic rocker switch, the display seamlessly integrates into any dashboard. Customize the robust front panel according to your individual preferences in design and color. Revolutionize your vehicle management now with the Smart CAN Display!

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Our different Smart CAN Display variants:

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710 050 1000

Cooling water temperature

710 050 2000

AdBlue level

710 050 3000

Fuel level
Technical Data

Rated voltage: 12 / 24V
Operating voltage: 8 … 36V
Overvoltage protection: 36V for max. 60 min at 60°C
Housing: Black plastic
Protection class: front: IP 54, rear: IP00
CAN identifier: 11 bit
Baud rate: 250 kbaud
Installation dimensions: 44.4-0.3 x 22.4-0.2
Electrical connection: blade terminal A 6.3x 0.8 DIN 46244
Mating connector: SWF 596289 receptacle housing with Tyco contact data (sleeves) 183035-1
Storage temperature: -40°C … 80°C
Operating temperature: -40°C … 80°C

Dimensions: 42 mm x 22 mm
Protection class: IP54
Housing: black matt (PA66)

  • Three symbol fields and one bar graph field
  • Design and color of the front foil and the RGB LEDs are freely selectable
  • Installation in dashboard (Rocker switch)
  • Day and night mode
  • Programmable


CAN interface

  • 1 independent CAN interface SAE J1939
  • Protocol standard 2.0B

We offer customized solutions for your individual Smart Can Display!

If none of our listed products meets your needs, contact us now via our contact form to discuss customized requests and special adaptations. Our experienced team is available at all times to fulfill your requirements and provide you with the optimal solution.

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All information at a glance: Download product sheet now!

Download the comprehensive product sheet for our Smart Can Display now and get all the essential information about our product. Optimize the functions of your Smart Can Display – Click here to download the product sheet and take the first step towards more precision and efficiency!

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