Revolution Counter

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Revolution Counter

Discover the MOTOMETER revolution counters equipped with a highly precise eddy current measuring mechanism to provide you with the exact engine speed. Whether you drive a diesel or gasoline engine, our revolution counters are versatile. The input signals reliably come from inductive or Hall sensors, the alternator (terminal W), or the ignition coil (terminal 1).

Encased in a robust metal housing, our revolution counters offer maximum protection and stability to ensure a long lifespan. Whether you’re on the road or off-road, rely on the precision of our instruments.

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Our different revolution counter variants:

Product Image
Product Drawing
Measuring Range
ø mm
Connection Type
Adjustable range, Cylinder / no. of strokes
Link to the Shop

646 083 1001

0-2500 rpm
80 mm
Electrical blade terminal, A 6.3 × 0.8 DIN 46248
370-1900 Hz

646 083 1002

0-4000 rpm
80 mm
Electrical blade terminal, A 6.3 × 0.8 DIN 46248
370-1900 Hz

646 053 0001

0-4000 rpm
52 mm
Electrical blade terminal, A 6.3 × 0.8 DIN 46248
370-1900 Hz
Technical Data

Front ring: Triangular black
Bezel ring: Black
Dial face: Ground black, imprint white
Pointer: Red
Pointer center: Black
Glass panel: Flat @
Housing: Chromated
Bracket: Chromated
Knurled nut: Chromated
Operating voltage: 11 … 28V
Scale tolerance: 2.0% of scale end value over the entire measuring range at 25 +- 5 °C
Illumination: Bulb 24V 2W BA 9S
Electrical connection: Flat plug, A 6.3×0.8 DIN 46248
Operating temperature: -20 … +50 °C
Markings: Part number, rated voltage, manufacturing date, and connection designation are provided on the housing

We provide tailored solutions for your individual revolution counter needs!

None of the listed products fit your requirements? Then contact us now via our contact form to discuss custom inquiries and special product adaptations. Our experienced team is always ready to meet your requirements and provide you with the optimal solution.

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