Pikto Sensoren
CAN Keypad

The CAN-Keypad the universally usable keypad of MOTOMETER and convinces with the individual configuration of each field. Each field can be used optionally as display-, switch-, toggle- or keyelement. The installed RGB-LED’s permit separate illumination of every element. The integrated light sensor detects the level of the light, thus it regulates the luminance of the symbols.

All signals coming from the CAN-Bus and the analogue inputs can be indicated on the integrated LC-display. The CAN-Keypad is designed for an operating voltage between 9 and 36 volts and thus offers a wide range of application, from construction equipment or service vehicles of all types in municipal or agricultural sectors to stationary motors or operating machines.

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Expand your control capabilities with the versatile CAN-Keypad from MOTOMETER. With individually configurable fields, customizable lighting, and CAN data filtering, it offers a wide range of applications. Contact us now to discuss your specific requirements and customize the CAN-Keypad to fit your needs!


Presentations, notifications and evaluations can be carried out via a commercial standard PC and the special developed
The programming and the presentation themselves can be set by MOTOMETER or by the manufacturer of the machines  according to customer specifications.


• Each field can be used optionally as display-, switch, toggle- or key element.
• Free choice of colours by use of multicolour LED’s
• Day and night design
• Multiple use of the keys
• Flasher functions with turn-on and turn-off times
• Minimal and maximum luminance of the individual symbols
• Brightness can be adjusted by integrated light sensor or by fixed configuration
• AN: Standard / Extended ID

Electrical specifications

Nominal voltage: 12 Volt / 24 Volt
Supply voltage: 9 … 36 Volt
Quiescent current: 6 mA at 12 Volt
CAN: 2.0 B (ISO 11898)
Baud rate: 100kbit – 1 Mbit

Product Dimensions mm
4 button field 63.4 x 58.4 x 26.8
6 button field 90.0 x 58.4 x 26.8
12 button field 168.0 x 58.4 x 26.8

Input: 1, digital
Temperature range: -30 up to +70 °C
Protection: short-circuit, overload and pole protected.
Protection degree: IP65 (front) optional IP67 IP 40 (rear)
Housing material: plastic (ABS)
Operating cycles: min. 100.000
EMV-compability: 72/245/EWG Amendment 2009/19EG – e1 03 6436
Connection: Micro Mate-N-Lock 3mm, 6pole
Mounting: side locking pins, optional fixing via metal brackets at the backside

Resistance against alcohol, diluted acid and hydrochloric acid, Hydrocarbons DIN 42115